VGOD SaltNic 20mg Vape Juice 30ml in Dubai

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VGOD SaltNic 20mg Vape Juice Features:

Made in the USA

20mg Nicotine Strengths

30ml Bottle


Childproof safety cap

Tamper evident seal

Designed for Starter Kits and Pod Devices

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Introducing VGOD SaltNic 20mg Vape Juice, crafted by SaltNic Labs to deliver an intense vaping experience with smooth, satisfying throat hits. Carefully blending VGOD’s premium e-juices with higher nicotine concentrations, these flavors are designed for enjoyment in your favorite low-wattage refillable pod systems. Each bottle contains 30ml of e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 20mg, 25mg, or 50mg, providing a wide range of options for every vaper.

VGOD SaltNic offers an array of flavor lines, each meticulously crafted for maximum enjoyment:

Cigar Line:

  • Cubano Silver: A robust tobacco flavor blended with creamy vanilla custard for a rich vaping experience.
  • Cubano Black: Similar to Cubano Silver but with an intensified tobacco and custard profile.
  • Cubano: Your favorite cigar flavor infused with vanilla cream for a decadent vape.
  • Dry Tobacco: A true-to-taste robust tobacco flavor that promises authenticity in every puff.

Bomb Line:

  • Mango Bomb: Delivers a burst of juicy sweetness with every exhale, offering an abundance of ripe mango flavor.
  • Purple Bomb: Sweet Concord grapes blended with sugary grape candy, creating a mouthwatering indulgence.
  • Berry Bomb: Succulent strawberries paired with a zesty sour tang, finished with a sugar-coated strawberry belt for a delightful hit.
  • Apple Bomb: Layers of juicy Granny Smith apple followed by a tart candied sour apple belt, offering a multi-dimensional vaping experience.

Iced Bomb Line:

  • Apple Bomb Ice: Combines the flavors of Apple Bomb with a smooth iced menthol finish for a refreshing vape.
  • Berry Bomb Ice: Sweet strawberries meet sour strawberry belt with an energizing iced menthol twist.
  • Purple Bomb Ice: Concord grape juice with candy-coated sweetness, now with an added cooling menthol sensation.
  • Mango Bomb Ice: Provides the same juicy sweetness as Mango Bomb, now with a chilling iced menthol finish.

Lush Line:

  • Lush Ice: A signature watermelon candy flavor enhanced with a menthol breeze, delivering a refreshing sensation to your palate.
  • Luscious: Fresh watermelon with undertones of mixed melons, formulated to maximize flavor in low-wattage devices.

Fruit & Mint Line:

  • Mighty Mint: Expertly crafted mint flavor with a menthol undertone, ensuring a cooling sensation with every puff.
  • Summer Strawberry: A unique strawberry blend that keeps you coming back for more.
  • Tropical Mango: Juicy mango flavor that will leave you craving more with each exhale.
  • Mix Melon: A burst of fresh watermelon with sweet mixed melon undertones, perfect for low-wattage vaping.

Dessert Line:

  • Pink: Indulge in the sweetness of Hawaiian Paradise cake, reminiscent of biting into a fluffy pink cake with delicate buttercream frosting.

Experience the incredible quality and diverse flavors of VGOD SaltNic 20mg Vape Juice, perfect for satisfying your vaping cravings. Each draw promises a delightful journey of flavor and satisfaction. Package contents include one 30ml bottle of VGOD SaltNic 20mg Vape Juice.

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